When Parents and Children Lose: A Look at the Documentary, Erasing Family

Maya Angelou has certainly had her share of hardships; even one that included the kidnapping of a grandson by the biological mother that lasted for four years. In Letters to My Daughter, Angelou expresses what I think children know instinctively and what courts seem impervious to: "I've learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you'll miss them when they're gone from your life."

Angelou's words seem the very soul song of Ginger Gentile's Erasing Family, a documentary that reminds us that parental rights are human rights -so much so- that if we allow parents to love their children, the children will thrive.

In Erasing Family, Ginger Gentile reveals a court system that thrives on bitter divorces and a multi-billion dollar industry's impact on the lives of people trying to navigate a court system that divides instead of unites; often leading to years of alienation, debt, prison, wasted government resources, and more. The triumph we do see comes from loving parents and determined children yearning for connection. 

Erasing Family is a must see for all who believe that a child's dignity and health begins with the love of two parents. To see the film, please click Erasing Family to see the trailer and watch on Vimeo.

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